One Bereft Home. Seven Shattered Lives.

Heartbreaking tragedy with the passing of Mrs. Basya Weber

a”h who battled illness valiantly for 6 grueling years before restoring her pristine soul to Shamayim and leaving behind 7 young orphans.

On Pesach, they were still hoping for good news. Throughout the next weeks, they were still davening for a miracle, spilling their souls in poignant tefillah: “Ribono shel Olam! Don’t take Mommy away!”

And last Monday, their prayers were replaced by heartrending sobs as 7 fresh orphans surrounded their mother’s mittah and, in voices choked with tears, whispered a desperate plea, “Mommy, help us stay together as a family!”

For six years, Rebbetzin Basya Weber fought with every vestige of strength to stay strong for her children. For six long and torturous years, she prayed, battled and fervently hoped to vanquish the monster that had taken up residence inside her body. Yet this last Pesach, her hopes were shattered with cruel finality as the illness attacked her mercilessly, with vengeance, and she was hospitalized in critical condition.

There wasn’t a dry eye among the huge crowd of family, friends, neighbors and admirers who gathered mournfully to escort Basya on her final journey in this world. Tears flowed as water as seven fresh yesomim, who until hours earlier, had still felt the loving caress of their mother’s hand on their cheek and seen her smile adoringly at them, now stood gazing woefully at the tallis-clad figure and raised their high-pitched voices in a trembling Kaddish.

The tears continue to fall, and the black void in their hearts continues to swell as they contemplate a future without Mommy. A home without Mommy. For what is a home without Mommy???

The inspirational battle of Rebbetzin Basya Weber a”h has reached its tragic close, sparking unfathomable grief, loneliness, and a new, heart-wrenching struggle of a devastated alman and 7 shattered yesomim.

We have the power to ease their struggle. We possess the strength to alleviate some of their pain.

Upon the instruction of our Rabbanim shlit”a, Matan B’seser of Kiryat Sefer has launched a special fund to support the orphaned Weber family. With your monthly donation of only 25 NIS for 40 months, you can assist the 7 Weber yesomim throughout many years to come!

7 shattered orphans are crying out for help! We won’t abandon them in their time of need!

Click here to donate>>

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Yeshuos on Zos Chanukah

With the rampant spread of coronavirus we’re seeing a drastic spike in cases of families in dire need of financial aid.

With the rampant spread of coronavirus throughout Eretz Yisrael and resulting economic crisis, we’re seeing a drastic spike in cases of families in dire need of financial aid.
Even those who were not infected with the virus are suffering grave consequences…

Many families that, until recently, supported themselves respectably have plummeted to severe financial distress. Thriving stores were forced to close right at the start of the busiest season, business was reduced to a mere trickle, thousands of employees were fired or put on indefinite leave, and the results are that many are floundering financially, unable to put food on the table.

Matan B’Seter is launching a massive emergency campaign to rehabilitate families that only months ago were on the giving side and are now reduced to beseeching for help.
Your gift of giving will help

them get through these times and regain financial stability!

Click here to rehabilitate these families!

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Yeshuos on Zos Chanukah

Dear Friends, It’s Chanukah. But instead of warmth, joy and light, thousands of families are crying desperately for your help.

“Chayeihem meriru… Archa lahem hasha’ah…” Their lives are embittered; time stretches on interminably for them… How much more can they take?!

They started out life much like you—eager, optimistic, hoping for good times. Yet one day, their worlds fell apart. Now, the children are neglected; the house is crumbling. The heart could explode in pain. How? Ribono shel Olam, how can they go on?!

How can anyone watch children rousing their mother to attend to the screaming baby, but she just lies there powerless… How can anyone turn his head away from a sick child in desperate need of medicine that the parents can’t afford?

This Chanukah, let’s each make an effort to save even one family—and then, we’ll save them all!

During these final and most auspicious hours of Chanukah, our gedolei hador will join together in an elevated tefillah on your behalf and behalf of your loved ones. The names of all donors who contribute to Kupat Matan B’seser-Kiryat Sefer will be relayed on Zos Chanukah to our gedolei Torah who will entreat for your yeshua:

Maran Sar HaTorah Hagaon Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlit”a. Maran Rosh Hayeshivah Hagaon Harav Gershon Edelstein, shlit”a. Hagaon Harav Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi, shlit”a. Hagaon Harav Shimon Galai, shlit”a. Hagaon Harav Yaakov Hillel, shlit”a. Hagaon Harav Binyamin Finkel, shlit”a.

Simultaneously, our donors’ names will also be relayed to messengers who will daven for you on Zos Chanukah, which is a day renowned for segulos, tefillos and yeshuos, at the four places renowned as the ‘Gates of Shamayim’

Do it for yourself! Do it for your family! Do it for another Jewish family that is begging for your help.

Don’t wait. Amass zechuyos now!

Include yourself in the special tefillah recited by gedolei Yisrael!
Donate now!
Click here.

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"Winter Clothes Distribution"

When cold outside we worry!

Winter is already here. But some people have been unable to arrange warm clothes for family and children.
A secret gift box has been launched in the “Winter Clothes Distribution” venture: Jackets, knitwear, gloves, gloves, warm shirts and more, at a big and significant discount!

The dependents were distributed in a way that honored the supporters and reached their door.
Because at the end of the day, everyone gets warm and cozy.

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Course for Women

Become a financial and household management advisor!

Matan B’seser is opening a new course to train women to become financial advisors and escort families struggling with their financial and/or household management. Our advisors are volunteers who will work in close cooperation with the Fund and provide a direct response to many families that require supplementary help and guidance in order to successfully manage their

household and finances.
To donate by direct deposit: Direct deposit form
We welcome your feedback!

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We held tight so they wouldn't fall

This is the story of a family that was saved from collapse

They left it all behind, making aliyah with 8 kids and all their belongings. They had no relatives in Eretz Yisrael and no job lined up, but how could they forfeit the zechus of living in Eretz Yisrael?

The acclimation was far more difficult than anyone had predicted… After he finally procured a job, the father sank into depression and was fired soon after. Without any steady income, the family quickly fell into debt, racking up endless bills. Although doctors had initially predicted that the father’s condition would improve shortly, they were mistaken; and his health only deteriorated. With no alternative, he was hospitalized in a mental health facility.

In the course of this living nightmare and with one son on the brink of his bar mitzvah, the poor mother found herself at a loss—in a foreign country, without family or friends, without income or even the physical and emotional support of her husband.

Baruch Hashem, a kindhearted neighbor got involved, and involved us. As soon as we received the news, we stepped up to the plate and began dispending all the help we could give.

As first aid, the Kupah funded several months’ salaries and sponsored the cost of the son’s bar mitzvah in full. The next stage was contacting the National Insurance Institute and settling tuition debts with all schools and preschools, both important tasks that the mother had been unable to arrange due to the language barrier.

Today, several months later, the father has recovered, and following efforts by the Kupah, returned to work!

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