Food Vouchers

One donation feeds an entire family!

Every month, over 400 needy families visit the supermarket and fill their carts with all their needs using vouchers or funds that we deposit directly into their store accounts. This spares them the humiliation of receiving food baskets or money to the door and allows them to acquire all their basic needs and provisions while maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

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Bread & Milk

Family fundamentals

The price of bread in Israel is government-regulated and considered cheap, but when a family is in distress, every shekel counts, and sometimes, there isn’t even enough to purchase the basics. In such cases—and unfortunately there are many among our residents—bread is tantamount to life.
Matan B’seser distributes bread to 1,533 families in six distribution points across the city. Anyone is welcome to come and take bread, ensuring that no one in our city goes hungry.

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Free Glasses

See the chessed to believe it!

Most families who appeal to Matan B’seser for help cannot afford the extra expense of supplementary insurance which subsidizes one pair of glasses per child per year.
Matan B’seser therefore sponsors 3 pairs of new glasses per family every year. Recipients can be adults or children, and they’re encouraged to select from the latest fashions and trends so they can look great and see great!

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Temporary Distress

Sometimes, a little help goes a long way…

There are times when families stumble into a period of distress and are eager to get back on track, and all they need is a little extra push to propel them toward change.
Matan B’seser funds financial counseling for couples who plummeted into debt due to poor budgeting and who want to regain solid financial footing. In addition to counseling, the Kupah also provides a one-time grant that helps the family emerge from debt and puts them on the right track.
The Kupah likewise assists families that were suddenly overwhelmed with a major, unexpected expense or life change such as being fired, etc.
With a one-time gift, you can change their lives forever!

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Hachnassas Kallah

Marrying kids off respectably and responsibly

An engagement in the family is a joyous occasion, a time replete with simchah and tefillos that the couple should build a bayis ne’eman b’Yisrael. Yet there are many families who, instead of rejoicing, feel their struggles compounded.
When making ends meet on a monthly basis is always a struggle, then the expenses entailed in making a wedding can completely overwhelm a couple and lead them down the slippery slope to financial collapse and debt…
Hall, band, photographer, clothing for the chosson/kallah and the entire family, aufruf, shabbos sheva brachos… The expenses don’t end… How can parents rejoice when every expense for the chosson and kallah sends them spiraling deeper into debt?
Help them enjoy their own simchah and the nachas of marrying off a child!

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Mazor La’Choleh

Financial support for patients suffering from physical and emotional illness

Coping with a physical, mental or emotional disability is exhausting for the entire family unit. For the patient and his caretaker, life seems to stand still, but in the meanwhile, everyone else needs to carry on… The children suffer from lack of meals, lack of attention, and a general despondency at home.
On top of the anguish of watching a loved one suffer, illness in the family inevitably means coping with an entirely new set of expenses, whether it’s private doctors, therapists, transportation, cleaning help or ready-made meals that allow the family to continue functioning.
Every year, Matan B’seser supports dozens of families contending with complex medical and health issues.
Help us continue granting them the strength and support to carry on! >>

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Supporting Hundreds of Families

Matan B’seser Kiryat Sefer supports hundreds of families in Kiryat Sefer and its environs.   Unfortunately, even in our 21st century age of plenty, there are many families that literally hunger for bread, whose monthly income does not cover the bare minimum that they need to make it through the month.

Over the years, Matan B’seser’s sphere of activities has expanded to encompass countless acts of chessed in a wide variety of realms. In addition to helping families acquire their basic needs, bread and milk, the organization supports families in many ways, including by providing dental care, clothing and shoes, rights counseling, mental and physical health, loans, vouchers, and financial aid.

This marvelous work continues every hour of the day, 365 days a year, providing for hundreds of struggling families and thousands of children who rely on Kupas Matan B’seser for their basic needs and physical and emotional health.

Hundreds of poor families receive regular financial support every month to purchase basic provisions. The sum of the grant is determined by the organization’s Rabbanim based on an evaluation and strict criteria that account for the family’s social situation, specific needs, and number of family members. Moreover, all money relayed by Matan B’seser to its recipients is transferred discreetly, in a way that protects the family’s privacy and dignity and encourages them to emerge from the poverty cycle and make a fresh financial start